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BYOD Investigation

What was important for us?

It was important for our school to begin to form a school wide plan around eLearning .

Why was this important?

This was important because we could see that there were many excellent eLearning practices already happening in our school, but there seemed to be no continuity to the approach. It was also becoming apparent that for effective eLearning to occur in classrooms then our school needed to work on putting the necessary infrastructure in place to allow this to happen.

What did we do?

 A small group of staff , including Senior Management and a BOT representative, visited three Auckland schools to investigate how they were implementing eLearning. We visited  Orewa College, Westlake Girls High School and Albany Senior High. Staff at all three schools were hugely accommodating in sharing their journey with eLearning .

What happened, as a result?

As a result we presented our findings at a full staff meeting and staff worked to develop our eLearning vision.

We believe that through the effective integration of e-learning MHC learners will be dynamic, connected, engaged and future thinking, lifelong learners. They will be able to explore global environments, overcoming the barriers of time and distance; anywhere, anytime, with any device. As a school we will provide the infrastructure, the opportunities and the professional learning to take us deeper into the 21st century and beyond. We will create experiences that are individual, cultural and developmentally diverse

https://docs.google.com/a/mthutt.school.nz/presentation/d/10X8w6giCqUtwZSf1wohCpAMvQpQdHRQBerPdG4ZZhh4/edit We also presented our conclusions and where our team thought we needed to move towards as a school.

This information was also presented to a BOT meeting and they received the eLearning vision that the staff had created to add their ideas.

What are our next steps?

To finalize our eLearning vision; to form an eLearning team at school; to install wireless schoolwide; to research and implement a LMS; to continue to be involved in PLD opportunities both formal and informal, within school and outside providers;  introduce a BYOD programme to Year 9 midway through 2013 and other year groups in the future; to move our teaching and learning into a space where eLearning is a natural part of everyday learning.

Who are we? The MRM ICT PD Cluster comprises Mountainview High School, Roncalli College and Mt Hutt College.

Where: South Canterbury

MRM Cluster

MRM Cluster

ICT PD Cluster of Mt Hutt College, Mountainview High School and Roncalli College