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Wellington Loop VLN reflection for Milestone 6

Background information:

  • Third year of our regional cluster
  • Wellington Loop consists of ten schools

The Wellington Loop continues to look at the way innovation and technology adoption affect the goals of our cluster, particularly in the areas of two of our cluster goals.  The research models can be found in the presentation for Milestone 5 (http://www.slideshare.net/dhenjyoji/wellington-loopm5-reflection).

We are particularly interested in examining the following two of our programme goals.

Programme outcome 2: The number of leaders of ICT within each Wellington Loop Trust cluster school, who can inspire and facilitate and who can assist others to use ICT to enable learning, is increased.

Programme outcome 3: Teachers are proactive in embedding latest pedagogy in ICT enriched learning environments.

Both goals are ongoing and Loop activities indicate progress in terms of the research models, but in different areas than the previous reflection.  This demonstrates the widespread effect of being involved with the ICT PD cluster. 

We are pleased at the progress we have made in the term of this government-funded cluster and are looking forward to continuing to develop our strengths in a sustainable way in the future. 

Here is a link to the two case studies we have uploaded this year onto our re-launched website. 


Wellington Loop

Wellington Loop

The Wellington Loop is a learning community of schools connected by high speed optic fibre cable.