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Using skype for Professional Development

What I have Changed

Due to the location of our school i.e its isolation (2hrs min from nearest town) there was a need to look at alternatives

(to keep costs down) but also to develop skills in I.T


What did I learn?

Via a skype link to a tutor in I.T based in Timaru, introduced using picture and voice then used voice to talk through setting up a MOODLE

A moodle is a virtual classroom that can be accessed by the teacher and the students remotely.  It is a powerful tool.

Skype allowed 2 staff members to access expertise at a fraction of the cost.  Previously we have used conferencing via the schools' facilities but this has not always been the most reliable way.

Also we could be in an undisturbed space and access from anywhere that had internet facility.


What did I achieve?


A focused time that meant that at the end of the day I had the skills to build a MOODLE.  I could practice as I learned.

Two teachers were involved  using their own laptops, both building a  site each.  One was a Science based site and the other was an

Art based site.

I can highly reccommend looking to use skype as a way to interface from a distance, with an expert.