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Photo story 3

Cluster Goals:
  • Students to become successful digital citizens.
  • —Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students.

What have you changed?

 Observing with my class and learning  collaboratively with Mike Allerston the format and process to develop a class story using digital photography. 

I have extended the  knowledge of digital photography in this photo story 3 process.

 Why did this need doing?

Learning along side the children offers a greater involvement. We learned together and it was an interactive process.

 What did you learn as you did this?

 As the photos and recorded story line of each child was a focus of the  technique it brought a personal element to the learning and a high level of interest and participation.

 What did it achieve?

A greater degree of verbal interaction and direction of the process. 

Children were able to take ownership and direction of their learning.

To be able to upload this on to our class blog to share with parents.

 How do you know?

Children’s comments as they viewed the photo story. They thought it was really funny to see and hear themselves talking about the process of their potato growing. Children don't often hear themselves talking so this was a new experience for most of them.


What advice would you give others trying to do this?

A great way to record a science process and many opportunities to show assessment. If it seems too hard to get started ask a colleague or google the process.