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Integrating Mimio capture pens as part of every day teaching

Cluster Goals: 
  • Students to become successful digital citizens.
  • —Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students.

What have you changed?

 I have integrated Mimio capture with the Mimio interactive whiteboard system as part of my every day class teaching.

Why did this need doing?

Too often students are absent or are spending too much time copying notes of the whiteboard and not enough time 'learning'.  Mimio capture deals with this - all notes that I put up on the board as part of teaching and learning activities are captured for review in future classes and are also available to be printed out for students' use.

 What did you learn as you did this?

Deary me my whitebaord writing is awful!  Too often I had trouble interpreting my own notes.  I also learned just how quickly stuff gets forgotten.  I expected that the notes would be mainly for the students' use, however I realized just how much understanding I was losing when the notes of the whiteboard were wiped off at the end of the class.  The capture has been a godsend for me.

 What did it achieve?

  • a record of the learning that has taken place
  • more ready 'keying in' of the students at the start of classes reviewing notes from the previous lesson
  • copies of notes available for students who were absent but also for revision and use with future classes.

 How do you know?

  • 'relief' noises from students and parents when the notes from previous lessons are able to be recovered - and easily printed off - in full.
  • personal reflection when evaluating learning and progress - I can see where things have gone right and wrong, and also when reflecting, where I have inadvertently created gaps in my teaching
  • records for ERO and others of what actually has gone on in classrooms
  • capturing of 'gee that was a good lesson!' for future use in coming years.

 What advice would you give others trying to do this?

Get a mimio.  Accept that the capture pens will likely give you teething problems, but the struggle is more than worth it.  Call me if you're thinking about it or email me at ag@twizel.school.nz (email me directly rather than going through the VLN as the response is much more likely to be immediate!)