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Google sites

Google Sites

Cluster Goals:

  • Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students.
  • Family and whanau to actively participate in their child’s learning.

What have I changed?

I have started to put all of my teaching resources and student content onto Google sites. I have created three Google Sites so far, one for each subject that I teach or I am in charge of (Digital Technology, Health and Careers). The idea behind this is that the content can stay with the school and it can be updated regularly.

Why did this need doing?

If the course content is online, it means that students and parents can access it from home. This has immediate benefits if a student is sick, perhaps on holiday or is unable to attend school for another reason. It also controls easily where all my information is although I will still continue to save the content on the Teacher drive under the school network.

What did I learn as I did this?

Google sites is relatively easy to navigate around. You do have to save regularly as I lost some of my work when I was interrupted and the page got closed. I also learned that it was reasonably easy to go between the various google documents such as presentations, spreadsheets and word documents and integrate these into the Google site.

What did it achieve?

I have only just started putting the content up on the Google sites but plan to use one of the sites within the next week with the students and will gauge their response from that.

What advice would I give others trying to do this?

Play around with Google sites first before starting to put your content there. The hierarchy of the pages was not quite straight forward but once you have done it once – its fine. Remember that Google documents do not have all the bells and whistles that the normal Microsoft counterpart has – ie the powerpoint has very little animation to choose from and does not have freehand animation but if you just need something really simple it works fine.

More than happy to assist anyone else who would like to have their class content available online.