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P.E geek

What have you changed?
not much yet.  however I have been exploring a a particularly enlightening website called P.E geek.

Why did this need doing?

to look at ways of using technology in a variety of contexts in P.E to enhance student learning

useful for performance analysis and differentiation


What did you learn as you did this?

 that an I-pad downloaded with various applications would be a useful tool to enhance learning but may also save time when offering evidence for NCEA assessment.

What did it achieve?

the likely promise of a I-Pad!

I have been using a website called P.E geek to look at applications for teaching using an I-pad.  In particular looking at using technique analysis tools for comparing performances.  Also looking at applications that help with differentiation in the P.E class using an I-pad camera.

There definitely seems to be a useful application and strong case for getting an I-Pad, but there will also be a need for an apple hub to allow connection to T.V.