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Year 4-5 Class Using Storybird Online Writing Resource

A few relections on recent ICT development with my Year 4-5 class in relation to literacy:

STORYBIRD This is an online writing resource in which students select a sequence of pictures from a collection of thousands pictures that are sorted into themes, and then write their own story. It is very appealing to kids and motivates them to write lots. I don't let them publish. I do that after we have done a shared edit using the projector.

Pluses: Students very motivated to write and writing lots, great forum for collaborative writing, very useful for modelling of punctuation during shared editing.

Minuses: Students are rushing through stories and the depth of writing is not happening. The structure of a narrative is often missing. I am bored (and the kids are too) with editing copious pieces of writing that is not really that great.

Where to from here: It's almost the end of the year and my current class will move on. Next year I will use this resource again but with a lot more teacher modelling and shared class writing. I will continue to allow buddy writing as the collaborative learning component is very valuable especially for ESOL and lower level students.


I have recently had a Mimio installed. Effective use of this will be a signifcant goal for next year.

We have also recently purchased the CSI literacy Year 4 programme. I will be using this next year and supporting another teacher with its use.

I have used Digital NZ and Digistore a considerable amount during a recent inquiry into Maori rock art. I have started a personal folders system within both of these. These resources were useful in Social Sciences, art and in-depth reading using the Mimio software.