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Mackenzie Connections - A review of Networked Schooling in Local Secondary and Area Schools

This project looked at Identifying existing networks that have been developed and planning to establish new networks.


  • Diane Mills

    I enjoyed reading through your powerpoint and the results and conclusions from your research into the extent to which your 4 schools are networking to improve practice.  This is a comprehensive study with some beneficial information that will help guide strategic planning to ensure that opportunities for networking for both teachers and students are built into your school systems. It is interesting to note that no mention was made of the VLN or new Enabling e-Learning website as places for leaders and teachers to collaborate or find resources.  I wonder to what extent teachers in the 4 schools have used these online spaces?  Both sites are designed for the purposes you spoke of - to enable school personnel to network with others facing the same challenges, to tap into expertise other educators throughout NZ might have and to provide professional support.  

    Your research definitely provides the rationale and impetus to build networks and connect teachers and students for the betterment of learning. It would be interesting to hear more about how you intend to put this in place.