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Darfield High School Reflection (Teacher's Action Plans)




Background and Context

At Darfield High School teachers’ are involved in studying an Action Research Project of their own choice which aims to improve student achievement and engagement , using ICT tools if appropriate.   While some teacher began their Action Research Project in the previous year/s and were developing them further, some teachers were beginning their study this year.


Aims and Purpose

The aim of this project is to improve student engagement and achievement via the use of the ICT tools available to them. Here are some examples of the Action Research Projects selected:

  • Does Moodle engage students and increase performance?
  • Does better communication with parent community enhance student engagement and does giving students learning options increase work completion?


Method, Intervention and Actions

This study has been completed as an Action Research Project.  Staff members spend time on this during set meeting times and also during personal time.  They work in support groups and also as individuals.  Some of the Darfield High School staff have attended ICT Professional Development days to increase their knowledge of ICT areas they are using in their Action Research Project.  Two staff members are part of a cluster which provides them with additional support from a group outside Darfield High School working on similar projects.



Summary of Key Results

At this stage staff members have completed two reflections on their progress to date.  Their final reflections for this year are due during Term 4. This will show what effect the ICT intervention has had on student achievement and engagement.   Some examples of comments from the Term 1 and 2 Milestones are:


  • Developing effective digital resources to improve students learning:  This teacher learnt how to operate in the MOODLE environment and then updated the 13 Biology web page for the teaching of a gene topic.  He felt that the success at this stage was moderate as the Moodle page has all the files on it but is not displayed in a very interesting way.  From this stage he will talk to others who use Moodle and also attend a Moodle course.  The next stage is to implement student use.
  • Does better communicaton with the parent community enhance student engagement and Does giving students autonomy in planning their learning options increase work completion rates?  This teacher has creatd a class google site, emailed students and parents on a regular basis, set up a google calendar for homework, set up a portfolio page, used survey monkey to create surveys for parents and students.


Draw Conclusions and Identify any recommendations or next steps

  • For our Moodle user the next step is to encourage the use of a diary system in conjunction with using online tools, move forward building on developing a Moodle site for Year 13 Biology, embed the calendar on the class site to increase accessability.
  • For our better communication teacher they have found that parents have found the site a useful portal for finding homework.  Some have also found the google calendar helpful too for homework due dates. The student reflections on their learning are positively.