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Emailing with Year 1-2 Students @ Miller Avenue School

Emailing with Year 1-2 Students @ Miller Avenue School

Year One/Two class with the teacher going on short-term maternity leave and not wanting to lose touch with initiatives that were already set up so that there would be a smoother transition when teacher returned to class.

Part of literacy programme where students had been interacting through the class blog, creating conversation and giving and receiving information, feedback and practicing reading/writing conventions in a real context.


  • Keep in touch with “happenings”
  • Keep up to date with writing skills
  • Communicating through question/answer about learning in other areas


  • Students were taught and practiced daily how to log into the computer with their personal login and password (prior to teacher going on leave)
  • Students were taught how to access Thunderbird (the school email system)
  • Teacher had preloaded email address to each students’ Thunderbird account so all they had to do was press A and the email address popped up (this saved many emails going AWOL and reliever not stressed)
  • Before teacher’s leave, students practiced writing, sending, receiving and reading emails (from Inbox) and as the teacher usually responded with a question, then the students had to answer by composing a new message.
  • Class tuition on “how to” included sending email to principal and other teachers – also Mr B (teacher’s husband)
  • Students critiqued the process and did simple problem solving when an issue arose
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Summary of key results/conclusions:

  • Year 1 is definitely not too young to start emailing.
  • Enjoyment of “the race” - to see how fast the messages were displayed on the projector after hitting send.
  • A great way to keep in touch and know what was happening on a day to day basis in the classroom. Much easier to pick up the reigns again and move forward.
  • Students kept up to date with teacher’s baby progress with photos, answers to their questions
  • Reading and writing digitally/online each day
  • Student who had trouble adjusting to the new situation, was made the “messenger” to pass on messages to the relieving teacher and so developed a sense of purpose and felt less anxious
  • Cross curricula – students were learning to count backwards – how many more sleeps until Mrs B came back!!
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Recommendations or next steps:

  • Teaching the students how to reply (rather than open and compose a new message).
  • Teaching the students how to open attachments as some of the photos sent, were not obvious and therefore not opened
  • Teaching students how to write in a new email address, forwarding etc
  • Ensuring the reliever has the knowledge of emailing