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Magpie ICT Cluster Expo

Magpie ICT Cluster Expo

As part of our Magpie Cluster development we decided to run a Cluster Expo showcasing the work of our students and teachers over the previous 3 years.

National Goal:
Goals 1,3 and 4

Cluster Goal:
Teachers will use a variety of e-learning experiences and digital resources to create exciting learning opportunities for students.

To showcase the learning that has occurred amongst our students and teachers during the 3 years of the contract. All teachers will contribute to the Magpie ICT Cluster Expo to share an aspect of their e-learning integration in their own classroom.

What did we do?

  • Schools given notice of Cluster Expo through their Lead Teachers in Term 1 2012
  • Teachers collecting evidence of e-learning throughout Term 2 and 3
  • Facilitators working with Lead Teachers at Lead Teachers Workshops giving guidance around the sorts of things that would be interesting for the Expo.
  • Digikidz (18 from across the Cluster) worked with the Facilitators on different projects to upskill them in a variety of Web 2.0 tools for presenting and collaborating on learning. eg. Google Docs/Presentations/Maps, ScreenR, Photopeach, iPad apps
From Movies
  • All schools developed hard copy displays as well as having live demonstrations and tutorials on the day
  • A photo competition was held for 3 age groups: Yr 0-2 / Yr 3-4 / Yr 5-6 and judged by 2 independent professional photographers. The categories were People / Landscapes / Nature / Digitally Enhanced. Both photographers commented on the high standard of the entries received and couldn’t believe that students knew so much about photography.
  • Commercial vendors, Noel Leeming and Class Wall Systems were approached to have a stand throughout the day of the Expo. These proved very popular.
  • Two local newspapers attended the event and reported very favourably in the paper with large colour photos. See photos below.
  • We created an Expo blog for the students to upload photos and stories - Picasa photos
  • We also posted on our Magpie Blog about the success of the Expo

What We Have Learnt:

  • The students are at the core of everything we do in terms of PD in schools - all the students who contributed, participated and connected with other students and teachers and adults were highly engaged and motivated by the experience and felt a huge sense of achievement.
  • Students are powerful teachers and can be used to upskill their own teachers, peers and whanau.
  • It is also important to include all stakeholders in an event like this to include whanau and the wider community to help build partnerships in learning.