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School Website - Part 2

Cluster Goal:


Family and whanau to actively participate in their child’s learning


Year Level

All levels

Cluster Type

We are a year 3 ICTPD cluster comprising three remote schools, Twizel Area School, Aoraki Mt Cook Primary School and Lake Tekapo Primary School. Twizel Area School serves a student population ranging from new entrants to Year 13, has 14 teaching staff members and approximately 180 students.


Twizel Area School’s website – Part 2

Research and Intentions

See previous reflection dated 14 May 2012

Impact on students/teachers/whanau

The new school website has certainly enhanced communication between school, families and the wider community. As time has gone by, new features have been added such as the “Important Information” page. This will be a continuously updated page reflecting what is currently important information for the school community.

Links to actual reflection

Discussions with staff and school administration members reveal that the website is enhancing the opportunity of communication between the school and family and whanau. This enhanced communication is contributing greater involvement between all parties and therefore embracing the cluster goal of “Family and whanau to actively participate in their child’s learning”.

Links to classroom practice

Obvious links are easily located wikis and blogs for parents (and teachers and students in other rooms), students can view the site to see upcoming events, information about school trips etc and important notices (weather issues or other important happenings).