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Developing a shared ICT vision at Bromley School

Background and context

Bromley School is a school of 254 students in the eastside of Christchurch. We are in the third year of an ICTPD contract and are part of the Kura Iwa cluster. Prior to our involvement in the contract we were fairly well resourced with laptops, i macs in classes and digital cameras. However we felt that ICT was taught in isolation instead of being embedded in the classroom programmes. In the past three years the ICT environment within our school has changed dramatically.


We now have:

*interactive whiteboards in every class

*two COWS (computers on wheels)

*3 imacs in every class + a laptop

* 6 I pads in a pod + 5 I pads for ESOL purposes

*12 I pods in a pod and 1 per class

* digital cameras and flip cams in a pod

* A school online learning environment

* A school facebook page

* Class blogs


The most dramatic change in ICT in our school is…




Through professional development, the explosion of technology in the past couple of years and a commitment from our board of trustees and Principal to invest in new technologies, our teachers now use ICT to enhance learning and engage students in their classrooms.


This is a reflection of our ICT journey as a school and the steps we are taking to make sure that we continue to inspire motivate and engage our students once we leave the ICTPD cluster.


Reflecting on our progress


The Students perspective

 Last term, with an impending ERO visit, we decided to think about how we could show the dramatic changes within ICT and how this had enhanced the learning occurring in the classrooms. We decided to capture the students voice and have them tell us what devices, software, web2 tools and apps they used in class and how they felt it helped their learning. Through this process it made us realise how far we had come as a school. The students were able to articulate what ICT tools they used and what they used them for. It showed us that students were beginning to make their own decisions on the tools they used to present their work.


Teacher perspective

 In term 3 2012 we took the first steps in developing the vision for ICT within Bromley. We had a staff meeting where we reflected within syndicates on how ICT was enhancing the learning of students within the different areas of the school. We framed our ideas under the titles students, teachers, parents. This made us realise how far we had come. It showed how we as teachers had grown in confidence with using ICT tools in the classroom and how ICT was embedded in the learning within the classrooms. After we thought about our successes we began to look at “where to now’? We did this by framing our ideas for ICT under the headings that have been outlined in the ICT framework provided by the ministry of education. Which are:

Infrastructure and resourcing

Professional Learning

Beyond the classroom

Teaching and Learning

The staff were given post-it notes and under each heading they gave their ideas for the development of ICT. Each teacher did this without talking to others so we weren’t influenced by what others said but were able to gather every ones individual ideas.



Student, community and board Imput

 The student council also met to discuss the student’s vision for ICT and where they would like to see the development of ICT heading. We will be holding a community meeting to get feedback and suggestions from our parents. The feedback that we have collected from staff, students, the board, and our community will form the basis of our shared vision for ICT at Bromley. From this shared vision we will develop the ICT strategic plan for 2013.

Next Steps:

*develop an ICT team within the school that will develop the ICT strategic plan based on our shared vision



By developing a shared vision in ICT it has empowered the staff, community, and students to drive ICT forward within our school and set up a firm foundation and clear direction for ICT at Bromley. By engaging in this process we feel confident that we will sustain the momentum that we have gained by being part of  an ICTPD contract and continue to use technologies to enhance learning, motivate and engage our students.