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Ngutunui Enviro School - Our ICT Journey 2010-2012.

Our School:

Ngutunui Enviro School is a small rural school in the heart of the Waikato.  We have now come to the end of our three year involvement in the King Country Coast ICT PD Cluster.

Our Vision for our Students:

Through carefully planned programmes and strategic integration of ICT technologies, Ngutunui Enviro School students will be able to access high quality educational opportunities and learning pathways that promote and enhance students’ progress and achievement.

Our Journey:

View the movie to see our growth and development over three years.

Conditions for success:

* Provision of high quality professional learning opportunities for staff which are needs based but focused on school wide development.

* Linked to school documentation, including strategic planning, annual planning, cycle of review, school’s curriculum, cycle of appraisal.

* Focus on raising student engagement, independence and achievement in the National Standards through strategic emphasis on the integration of e-learning.

Clear vision for ICT infrastructure development and upgrade.

Clear vision for the integration of cutting edge technologies in classroom programmes.

Principal’s Reflective Statement: