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eLearning @ St Anne's Catholic School - a reflective summary by Judi Parker


At St Anne’s Catholic School as part of our Strategic Plan we have planned and established an upgrade to our Library - renamed The Learning Centre. Our rationale was to engage our learners, teachers, whanau and Parish Community in the technologies available for learning, living and life. We saw the importance of establishing and being part of an on-line community who are informed successful digital citizens.

Through the use of our Blogs /Teachers at St Anne’s share effective ICT practice within the school, across our cluster and our parent/whanau community. Our feedback to and from our cluster schools (St.Marys and St.Albans Catholic) has enabled our learners to see examples of safe practices and appropriate responses over the internet.  It has improved their understandings of the correct and respectful use of social networking. This has further been enhanced by the use of a Cyber safety Programme delivered in each of our six classrooms.  (link to blogs/embed teaching as inquiry doc). Senior (Y5-8) have generally given over the “blog” to  a  Media Team of Learners, which increases instances for them to select the “tools” to communicate with others.

Links to our class blogs:







As a result of the opening of the Learning Centre, we have up skilled a group of Year 7/8 learners to guide and assist learners during the lunch break with effective research practices.  We plan to have evenings to engage our “wise-owls”, and after Mass on Fridays our Techis are available to assist our Parish Members. Our parent community have been encouraged to use the learning centre for “internet” (Samoan) The learning centre offers teachers and learners alike the opportunity to explore opportunities for learning and make informed choices about how they interact as part of an online community of learners.

Blog post about Learning Centre: http://stannes106.blogspot.co.nz/2012/11/the-learning-centre.html

NEXT STEPS The Blogs have been a big success with the teachers, we are now working together to involve our learners and our parent/whanau community to actively engage with our blogs to provide feedback to the learners across the school, and build our on-line community of learners.

ISSUES AFFECTING US We have had to apply for funding to upgrade our Server,  this is a costly process,   and the implication here is that our new technologies are able to be utilised fully. We have applied for funding also from the MOE to be included in the SNUP initiative. With a large funding drop it would be more advantageous for us to consolidate rather than


As the Lead Teacher for our contract it has been somewhat easier for me to see the “big-picture” during our PDL and as we go forward.  Our staff at St Anne’s have engaged fully with this PDL and have all made huge shifts in their teaching practice ( use of the Teaching as Inquiry) and the use of  a variety of ICT and e-learning strategies to improve learner achievements. It is evident to see how as a result of this PDL, our teachers create e-learning effectively into their practice, therefore creating an innovative and engaging learning environment.