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Reflective Summary Milestone 6

Reflective Summary of Goal 3:  teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students

The ICTPD 4C Cluster provided all teachers with the opportunity to take up an ICT Scholarship.  The Scholarship was designed to provide support and guidance for the teachers who wished to explore an area of ICT where they believed that they could make a difference.  Click on the link below to see an outline of the Scholarship.

Two teachers from St Martins School took up the opportunity to complete the Scholarship.  The aim of their work was to: "Engage Students in their Learning by using ICT".  Carole's focus was on a Year 3/4 class, where she introduced her students to a range of programmes.  She incorporated these skills into her regular classroom planning and made ICT an integral part of her programme.

Ordnella's focus was on a Year 7/8 class.  She was looking at using a range of technology to enhance student engagement and achievement in the area of Literacy, particularly writing.  Ordnella used the iPads as part of her classroom programme to encourage students to be on-task during literacy time.

Both Carole and Ordnella have demonstrated their learning to members of the St Martins School staff and members of the 4C Cluster.  They have incorporated, into their everyday programme, easy to use ideas that have increased the on-task behaviour and the engagement of their students.  They have also demonstrated ways to make help staff recognise that the technology is a useful tool in the running of a classroom programme, without it being overbearing.  They have both found the Scholarship to be useful in up-skilling themselves and giving them the time to experiment with the use of technology in their classroom.