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Reremoana School - Engaging our community

Goal 4 -  To provide opportunities that encourage and enable our school communities to engage in the learning programme.

Reremoana School is a Decile 9 full primary (Year 0 – 8) school in South Auckland. Established in 2006, the school has a roll of around 360 students and 18 classrooms. This video outlines the ways in which we have engaged our community in our learning programmes. 

What was impotrant for us 

- finding programmes and applications to support cyber safety and online learning 

- Providing opportunities for all students to access these programmes even if they did not have a internet at home


What we did 

- Review of online safety procedures 

- Implemented Mathlectis, Super Clubs and Reading Eggs 

- Celebrations on a Friday afternoons (parents come in to the school and classes) 

-  Blogs 

- Facebook and twitter 


What happened as a result of this 

- More students have permission to communicate online and use online programmes

 - More students on Mathlectics, Superclubs and Reading Eggs.

- Students motivated to learn basic facts and learn about online safety

- Parents informed about students learning without coming into the school.


What are our next steps

- Families view blogs. We need to find a way to encourage our families to be active participants in the blogs by asking questions that promote discussion with students

- Bring Your Own Device

ICT PD goal 4 - Viki from michellec on Vimeo.