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Update from our Faculty Lead Person (FLP) for Science at Baradene College

This term break, I had the opportunity to attend some workshops at the ULearn Conference 2012. Here are some highlights :


  1. Teachers are being asked to recognise the increased use of social media in the lives of teenagers and are encouraged to incorporate them into our learning environments, in an appropriate manner. This website (below) provides guidelines to help teachers use social media safely and ethically. http://www.teachersandsocialmedia.co.nz/


2. Partners in Learning (please sign up to this network , instructions in my previous email) – a workshop  run by Microsoft .

Partners in learning (PIL) attempts to connect teachers on a global scale and provides us with free tools and software. It is just mind blowing to   see how technology is going to change the way we teach, assess and engage our students.


3. I think the following tools  (on the pil-network)will be most suitable to us –secondary science teachers :

  1. Flashcards by Microsoft – very useful and spent a lot of time this weekend making flashcards for my junior science class and linking them to Ultranet. Students can study them online –saves printing and paper.
  2. Chemistry Add –in for word  - a program that can be added to our regular Word documents. SO EXCITED about this one as we can mark words as  ‘ chemistry’ and this allows us to toggle between formula/structure and the name.
  3. Kodu – game lab – you can now create your own games for junior science and you don’t have to be a programmer to do this!
  4. Critical thinking teaching guide -  will be good to incorporate this into our junior science curriculum. With an increase in submissions of student research based on the internet , teachers need to be aware of web credibility testing.
  5. Microsoft Mathematics – an amazing online (free to download) calculator  - check it out for yourself.


  1. E-learning : moving away from ‘text’ books to ‘e’ books and courses. This workshop gave me some interesting ideas on how to structure a e-course and also some programming tools. Hope we can transfer our existing workbooks to this format.