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Reflective Summary Karangahake School

REFLECTIVE SUMMARY  - Karangahake School

The whole school was participating in inquiry learning about Matariki: the purpose of celebrating and sharing knowledge about Matariki. It was to conclude with a whole school sleepover and a mini hangi (cooked in kegs, hooked up to gas...) involving parents, teachers and students.

Matariki Celebrations integrated throughout the literacy, arts, e-Learning and Te Reo curricula areas in Year 3-4 class learning.

To prepare and present learning to school students and parents around the theme of Matariki. Students to learn about the origins of Matariki and how they connect with the Maori beliefs and myths.

Teacher led reading and discussion of the story as a whole class and divided the story into separate pages, allocated a page per pairs of students so they could work on retelling their part of the Seven Sisters Story. Illustrated their part with freehand drawing using felts. Rewrote their part of the story in their own words. Practiced and recorded their part of the story using the microphone aspect of iMovie. Students took digital photos of their illustrations. Added photos and audio recordings to iMovie in rotation as per the correct sequencing of the story. The addition of effects: i.e. stretched photo to match the length of audio, inserted transitions between pages, inserted title at beginning and credits at end of movie. Movie reviewed and reflected on before finalised and exported in m4v format.
“Seven Sisters” iMovie:  http://youtu.be/EDo7vgUmyx0

Summary of key results/conclusions:
Reflective observations discussed and movie altered as appropriate. Students actively involved throughout the movie preparation and formatting process. Skills and confidence in using iMovie application increased. Students of lesser literacy ability were more motivated and engaged to read and write using the computer and technologies than when solely working in their writing books.

Recommendations or next steps:
Students making their own iMovies with less teacher interaction/direction. Planned iMovie journals around “Karangahake’s Got Talent” performances.