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Motivating Literacy through YouTube Years 2&3


A continued concern is that, although, many of the children are reading at or above their chronological age this does not reflect in their written work. Anecdotal evidence and STAR results show that there is a need to improve children’s vocabulary both orally and in written form. Children write with very basic language due to their limited knowledge of words, lack of motivation and lack of confidence to write independently on topics other than their own experiences.


  •       To use YouTube to motivate writing. 
  •       To use a variety of clips to capture the children’s imagination and stimulate conversation.
  •       Expand the brainstorm base words with the use of a thesaurus.


A YouTube clip was shown to the children. The whole clip was watched and then children talked in pairs before the clip was viewed again. This time stopping at a variety of points and discussing relevant language. One brainstorm listed words to describe the plant, another brainstorm listed the action words associated with the mosquito and plant interaction. (Original video currently blocked so providing similar clip) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z10iiTkV3XU&feature=related 

e.g.    m6 brainstorm.png   A thesaurus was used to add to base words in the brainstorm  


  •       The children made concerted attempts to use new language as seen in the example.
  •       Oral language improved as children discussed what they viewed.
  •       Use of the thesaurus expanded children’s word knowledge and made relevant links to their own vocabulary.

Before YouTube Example:  A Typical effort from Child A (Year 2 - very low literacy ability)        

m6 first.png

After YouTube Example: Child A, who does not usually like to write, was very proud of this effort. He took words from the brainstorm list and described what he saw.                                                    


Next Steps:

  •       To continue to use YouTube as a tool to help motivate and improve vocabulary when developing other writing skills.
  •       To encourage children to find relevant clips of their own particular interests for independent writing.