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Reflective Summary - Hikutaia - Three Rivers Cluster

Context Three Rivers Cluster, Hikutaia School.  Development of class blogs across the school to connect and share beyond the classroom and extend the learning community.

Background  We wanted to look at making comments and feeding back appropriately in online communities.  Creating a place for wonderings, questioning and development of quality feedback creating purposeful and engaging writing.

Aims and purpose. Three Rivers Cluster Goal 1, 3 & 4; Students to become successful digital citizens. Teachers to integrate e- learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students. Family and Whanau actively participate in their child’s learning. Through the development of Class blogs.

Method, interventions and actions;

  • With facilitator support teachers created class blogs.
  • Teachers taught and modelled appropriate comments for an on-line area.
  • Created rubric of comments, what quality comments would look like.  Children used solo to self-assess, write next steps and write new goals.
  • Children created then, published on to the blog using a variety of on-line tools such as story bird, photo peach and ublisher.
  • Teachers sharing of ideas, tools and gadgets with each other and children.
  • Parents, Whanau and Community encouraged to engage with on-line content created by children.

Summary of key results;

  • Increased student ownership and engagement through the use of a purposeful context.
  • Students creating own on-line content and developing their skills in responding and reflecting upon the bloggers viewpoint. Actively reading and responding to the blogs of others.
  • Peer tutoring is increasing on-line collaboration in classes.
  • Teacher increased skill and expertise in using on-line environments and contributing to on-line communities. 
  • Extension of the learning environment beyond the classroom engaging followers from other classrooms, parents and community members.

Conclusions and/or next steps;

  • Join other online communities such as Kiwi Kids news.
  • Widen participation and follower base, i.e. out of NZ, encourage more parents, interact with other schools etc.
  • Using the new skills to create online community on Ultra-net U Space for each child. 
  • Continue to develop and refine Teacher Action Inquiry as supported by the coaching model.

Links to support;

  • Class Blogs;




  • Rubric for self-assessment of appropriate comments.