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Branding our School LMS to increase uptake.

As it worked out at our school we ended up launching Gmail, Docs and Moodle all at the same time to students. Students gain access to all of these services using a single sign on solution, where the students use their network password and user name to log on. We decided to brand this system with a consistent logo to help recognition of the new system. After consulting staff and students we decided to go with the name "CrestNet".


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We have also set our CrestNet moodle page as the default front page for all PC's on our school network. Every staff or student who opens an internet browser at school will see our moodle site.

The result has been a very quick spread of recognition of this new system. Students are using email, and staff at getting involved with the system (some more than others). We saw that one of the keys for increasing uptake of such a system would be to ensure that all students knew about it. A side effect of this idea, is that student will eventually help push staff into the system more also..."We get all our homework off CrestNet now for Social studies....will you be giving us Science homework on CrestNet?"

We have left chat and global contacts turned on for our Google system. This does mean students can send silly emails to each other and staff, and we have had to deal with a few cases of this. However, it is increasing the coolness and enjoyment of the new system. Students want to use it. This is important also.

The system is forcing staff and students to use moodle, but in a natural way:


The original idea to brand our LMS came from Wellington College, who have a Mooodle called “Mycoll”