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Principal Visit to Melbourne

Feedback from Melbourne

School Visits

Tour 9 - Broadmeadows Valley Primary School
Diane Chicky Tanya Tim
Broadmeadows valley school - 5 schools merged into one
Open learning spaces, learning neighbourhoods, curiosity model / HOB
Small learning spaces, workshops, literacy 9-11 whole school, Mathis 11.30-12.30 whole school, pm 
Specialist teachers, multi media, art, PE, 
49 staff, 242 students
Shared planning, 4 teachers in each space with 1 lead teacher and support staff and specialist teachers. Teacher focus on literacy / numeracy as specialist teachers do remaining curriculum. Teacher release time while students with specialist teachers.  Ratio 1:22

This is the Victoria model for Enquiry.  The 5 Es is used in Broadmeadows.  Northern region website.


Roxburgh Primary
ICT department tech based on number of students, 650 students, 3 times a fortnight
Net books leased to students - used 80% of day
79 of 100 / increased to 95 of 100 students taken up offer.
All students have access, but do not take home if not leased.
$800 over 3 years, covers insurance / tech costs.

Role play
Interactv TV
1:1 net books - story jumper / setting goals
Power point portfolios
Twice a term parent interviews
Net books home daily, Internet agreement signed, cyber safety
Discovery learning spaces for Prep students, this is designed to encourage oral language, writing, focussing on anywhere anytime learning, creative, collaborating.  As found in the Victoria State Curiosity booklet.


Tony Cook - small country in a global space - how does Australia measure up?
Finnish education equity and equality, top,10% of high school graduates, only as teachers
USA. Behind in ed reform 
International benchmarking PISA assessment - aust 
Aim higher
Improve Ed of low socio economic areas
Failing indigenous children
4 of top 5 in world are Asian countries
Global agreement on what works
National partnerships
Nat assessment - implications of having school assessments made public
National curriculum - available online, SCOOTLE
Set framework for country, approach to discover ICT, 
Improved teacher effectiveness will increase economy
Difference between good and poor teachers amounts to 2 years ofnlearning.
Nat Prof standards for teachers - Aust.
East Asia, high quality teacher Ed / mentoring for all teachers / teachers as researchers / classroom observations, prof lrng communities, 
Empowering local schools - school autonomy for Aust???
Indigenous - 
School funding
Targeted funding / every school funding based on students, no school falls behind,
Low SES, rural, higher standards for teachers
School improvement plan for every school
National curriculum standards

Kishore Mahbubani Singapore
Global using current educational thinking
End of era of western domination of history, capacity of west to dominate is sinking, return to Asian domination, after 200 years.  
What implications for Aust and NZ

Belief in free market economics higher in Asia than Europe 

Expansion of western power, now it is receding, we will have to deal with different environment
Past go to Europe, present USA, future Asia
7 pillars of western wisdom 
  • Free market economics, china, state run economics till 1979, now free market and profited
  • Mastery of science and technology, portugal conquered countries through this.  Asia now mastered science and technology , Steven Choo, time for Americe to reflect, china is racing ahead. PHD Science degrees in nth America, 2/3 go to India.   For USA to go to space they have to learn Russian.  Chinese have 
  • Culture of pragmatism, doesn't matter what it is, if it works, use it.  Japanese saw how English colonized, India and china go down so sent people around the works to learn, in the 1860s, and became, powerful.  Hundreds of millions going on a learning journey around the worls.
  • Making sure you pick the best brains to do the job, Asia had largest pool of unused brains, but now they are being used.  Even an untouchable can have Opportunities.  200million untouchables, today providing entrepreneurs
  • Culture confidence, believing in yourself
  • Peace, guns are now silent in Asia
  • Rule of law
  • Education, 1980 3% went to university, now 29%

Please make every child bilingual in English and one Asian language
Just by learning a language helps you understand the culture of that language

Content balanced towards Asia, young people need to have the knowledge
Association of SE Asia nations, ASEAN,  - capable of working across all nations, multi civilization, managing diversity of cultures, religions

Short term populist democracy
Singapore, no natural resources, no subsidies, this is understood by population, realize they need to work for their country to succeed.

The Great Convergence, Kishore book
2012 there are 500m middle class citizens in India, 1.75 billion by 2030.

Judi Fallon and Penney Carlson
ESmart and Better Buddies building relationships
Alannah and Madeline Foundation
Keeping children safe
Every child will live a safe and supportive environment
Buddy bags
Bullying most common form of violence
Zilm T, 2003, bullying is never OK
Bullying is an imbalance of power, deliberate, repeated and it hurts, upsets or damages someone's property
Cyber bullying increases in frequency, 24/7
Avoid labeling a bully, single episodes may not be bullying an need to be dealt with differently.
Bullying is a relationship issue and requires relationship solutions
Whole school approach
Focus on well being
Focus on values, adapted to match school values, student transition
Grade 5 students give the buddy bear to PREP students, he remains at school and they use it throughout the year, make clothes etc.
building relationships, set tone for school, community awareness through newsletter, info pack, website, planning, school development plans
Relationship with police.?..  Hanging art work in station, retirement village, court??
Training for students beforehand, meet 2ce a term with their oldies

The social media revolution, you tube?
Teaching the rules of technology
ESmart schools framework
Policies and procedures in place
Embrace technology, it wont go away
Getting parents on board - 
Cyber smart acma
Google .com safety 
Where is Klaus, 

Free in state of Victoria with $1500 for PD to implement

Andy Hargreaves

Pasi Sahlberg
Finnish lessons-what can the world learn from Ed change in Finland 
Offers another way to Ed change
FInnovations - competing - trying new ideas
Three facts to know:
  • Finland has not always been a high performer
Current system introduced 1972, 40 years ago, when running behind world average
  • Have never aimed to be number 1

Policy focused on equity 

  • Finland does well in other areas too

Good performers are because of good systems as a whole

Has Finland had different policies?
Global Educational Reform Movement
High expectations, high focus on learning
  • Increased competition
  • Standardization - every school has similar standards
  • School choice- different systems, parent choice
  • Test based accountability- holding schools accountable

Be a GERM stopper

Does GERM work? Finland has not been infected by GERM
Finnish way
  • Collaboration- encourage schools to share, enhance teachers 
  • Individualisation - needs of every student, worst enemy of creativity is standardization
  • Focus on equity, Ed policies remain with changing governments!  Free schools
  • Trust based professionalism
Three Dynamos
1 OECD Pisa data lrng outcomes compared to income equality
Quality in education focus on facilities, teachers, governance, leadership, accountability, testing, standards.
Value is in how equitable education is - we do not treat everybody in the same way.
Aust. See equity as Student performance vs socio economic background
NZ lower equity than Aust, need to focus on 
2 Less is more
Finland has less classroom time, start school at 7yrs old
Less homework, more play - play based learning
Productivity = effort x intelligence

Finland - Productivity = effort x intelligence + culture

Value added account in Finland
3 Teacher and Leader Professionalism
2000 applicants - 120 accepted
Teacher education system / retains teachers
Movie- Detachment, story about substitute teacher in NY

OECD 2012 equity and quality in Education
Finnish lesson:
More collaboration, less competition
More trust based responsibility and less test based accountability
More professionalism, less bureaucracy
More equity, less marketization
Better gender equality

Young Zhao 
World class education: creative and entrepreneurial students
How do we not just pick any direction for education.
School reform, more effective doing what?
Consider the number of people who graduate without jobs.
Each graduate owes about $23k, 
The Age of Globalisation, things change, stone age did not end because they ran out of stones.
Population growth - lot of people without jobs
Middle jobs disappearing, top and lower sectors increasing
How do we create jobs for new middle class?
Business entrepreneur - still need shops
Social entrepreneurs - work against poverty, social argument - Jesus Christ
Intrapreneurs, beuracrats - black collar workers, creative, come up with a solution, job creators
They have qualities, are they born or made?
Confidence, passion, global competency, friends, creativity, uniqueness, risk-taking, alertness to opportunity, empathy
These qualities are not typically taught in our schools, how do we measure it?
What sort do Ed do we need?

Why did China not have a party?  China at top for math, science, reading.
Because china does not have a Steve Jobs, no entrepreneurs. 
China 20% world pop, less than 1% of patent filings.

What are the Model Minority - Asia minority students typically out score other students.  
Maybe the great education holds back the ability to be creative.

Why is the US still here?
Data getting worse, American data not getting worse, it has always been bad.

Test scores, US way below Asian countries
BUT when asked how confident they are US students rate higher.
Competence vs confidence

Lady Gaga in Chinese village, not useful in village, liability
If you judge a fish by the ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid, Einstein
Is that what has happened in Asia?  

If you spend all the time studying on a test, what did you leave behind and give up?  Play? Creativeness?
It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education - Einstein

From accident to design
Should be enhancing the capability of every child
Change pedagogy
Expand learning context to the globe

Khalil Gibran the prophet, 1923

10000 hrs of practice, 
Unique, great, passionate, curious student

Panel Discussion - Governance and the Influence on Learning

Cathy Wylie NZ, speaking on school autonomy in NZ.  7% of failing schools in NZ, no support, BoT struggle for support, not enough PD for trustees, may need to look at having governance for a local group of schools.
Yong Zhao - America / China - could we work with schools globally instead of local geographically based.  How do you shift?  Students need to be involved in planning.  OBA - online learning systems, create products, globalised local school governance, can this be done?
Parsi Sahlberg - Finland -  have little authority over what schools are doing.  Municipalities have 70% of control for local schools.  System is self transforming, principal is prof leader of school, all responsibilities.  School based curriculum - clear line of governance from ministry through to schools.  When difficult times comes, economically, 330 units running schools, not all municipalities handing funding in to schools.
Governance reform, reduction of number of municipalities but continue same line of government and autonomy of schools.
Lin Yue - China - autonomy in China, funds allocated. Use models of best of West and East to create the very best autonomous model.
Andy Hargreaves - Summarized discussion. Q and A session.
People in ministry should have hands on experience and discussion at principal conferences.
There should be one policy for education that remains constant no matter which government is in power.

If every school has own board, then there has to be a lot of money set aside for training for boards to understand how school systems work.

How can we move politicians from using education as a voting tool in elections.

What makes a good group of trustees 

Yong Zhao 

A Triad Model of World Class Education
Why are we strangled by policies, own fault, we taught them!
Not enough autonomy for students.
Trust your students.
Student autonomy - curriculum / governance / environment
How do you know your school is doing something right?  
Education is a longer process, most measures are short term.  
Is your school developing development of students?
You can measure curiosity.  
curriculum, what should they learn - curriculum defined by children's interests.
Assess person on what they have developed to the fullest extent, they are unique.
Schools can help by building environments based on:
Cognitive - allow students to construct 

Product oriented learning - we are busy developing curriculum, forgetting that children should choose.  Project based learning, tied to what teacher wants, not student interest.
Thinking process, sustained thinking is what we want.
Authentic genuine audience
Peer review
Persistence and discipline
The Global Campus
How do we connect with other students?  
Global partners / markets / resources
Use Global resources - NZ students make English books to give help students learn English
What global partners can we help, who needs this?
Student driven, giving them autonomy to create a rich environment

Start by - who needs something?

Kate Fergusson - Transforming Learning Spaces.  Understanding how cross cultural communication and student participation can shape innovative educational environments.
Community gardens, spaces, not for profit
Looking at neighbourhoods quality - poor design suburbs
Design prof need to collaborate with communities
Planning a new design - start small and quick, such as a swing in a park
2050 - 90% of Aust in cities / 1/3 world in slums
High quality education buildings can improve staff and student achievement.
Design Thinking Process
Look beyond the building - Cambodia villages
Floating villages - no land, no vegetables.  Use flotation devices to grow verges in pots on top. Designed floating gardens.  Work with the community, draw pictures to gather ideas, work with children o get their ideas.  Try out ideas early so if the idea fails, it has not been too expensive.  Cost of garden at present, $250, same price as boat, so people do not buy.  
Codesign can create garden for $25, so families can have boat and garden.
Teacher visits for 1 week, then moves on.
Bangalore project, ICT Capitol of India.  Children on construction sites, providing labour, no education, no local languages.
Plan for a safe place for children, school, gardens
Learning outdoors planned.
Old neighbourhood, new middle class people moving into new high rise in area, Morroccan migrants, students squatting - tension between neighbors
Oasis Game - building dreams challenge to build relationships in the community
  1. Find the beauty in the neighbourhood
  2. Find the person behind that beauty - 
  3. Build the dream - positive energy rather than solving problems
  4. Design one of the dreams - set up with equipment so people could design their dream
  5. Found the site, getting everyone involved to help clear
  6. People care about it as they built it themselves
  7. Networks are created between neighbors.

Seaford North Primary

Design on a bush site - outdoor classroom, trail and entrance to bush land
Collect information - types of bush, wind, space
Design- outdoor classroom, furniture, floor, learning space
Social Impact
Allow teachers to deliver programme around a project
These can prepare children to be responsible citizens
Teach students about design
Create great school environments

Jacqui Cooper - A View From the Top
World class freestyle skier
One of triplets, upside down in the womb
Trampolining, beds,neighbors trampolines for 15mins every day for 8years
Random man stops to ask her to come and try Ariel skiing.
To be good you have to be committed to practicing the same skill
Plans with goals for 10 years - end goal, world champion
Kept reviewing looking at goals
10th year, 2nd in world, 
Concentrate on focus, goals
Won 5 world titles.
Triple twisting triple summers adult, 70km per hour, 28m high, 3sec
When injured, upright in a chair for 3 mths - visualization, power of the mind
Experience, determination, self belief
Passion, commitment, self belief, attitude