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workshop 4 oct - what is science/

What is Science?

 It is interesting to discover what your students think science is. Can they identify ‘science’ around them? Can they explain the science? Have they got questions about what they are interested in that could be expanded into an investigation?

Your task (could be done as a staff meeting to get teachers thinking about the question "What is science?" prior to science PD.:

Take a photo of something you think of as ‘science’.  When you have your photo find 2 other people to talk to and share your photos together:

  • Explain why you chose that thing to represent science.
  • Ask for clarification of others’ explanations if you need to.
  • Discuss ways in which the photos and explanations could be shared.

 This activity can also be done wth children of any age.  It is a useful 'pretest' and review.  The photos can be kept and used for sorting and classification, to inspire questioning, as the basis for persona; inquiry by students.

Listening to your students’ explanations will begin to build your understanding of their interests and learning needs so you can begin to plan for science and what could go on your science table.

eLearning in science

-       does it enhance the experience for all learners?

-       does it enable the sharing of ideas?

-       how can the students use it to explain or model their ideas?