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Introducing a Learning management system

Background and Context

Greater South Canterbury Cluster

St Joseph’s School Year 1-8

Ultranet introduction process : Through the eye of the Herrmann Brain approach: Facts,Ideas, Use,Feelings

Aims and purposes

Cluster Goal

Engagement with the community about e-learning and using technology

To explore the introduction of a learning management system in one school in order to develop best practice ideas that can be shared with cluster schools when they are ready.

To investigate what works and what doesn’t work for staff when introducing a LMS.

To look at the ways a school can maximise the use of an LMS for teaching and learning.

Method, interventions and actions

Setting up

The LMS was first looked at after visiting schools and seeing it in action in one school. This was shared with staff. Time was then spent looking at other schools LMS and how and what they were being used for. The front part of the website was designed with staff input and the skin put in place. Lead Teachers and administrators then had a day with a facilitator to set up the school groups, uses class pages etc. Lead teachers had time to design and play with their class page. The LMS was then introduced to St Joseph's school during a Teacher Only Day with the facilitator. Lead teachers sat alongside staff and worked in pairs and small groups to get the beginnings of class pages set up.


Teachers set goals according to nexts steps in getting their class pages up and running and introducing students to using the LMS. Lead teachers provided one on one support in achieving these goals. Time allocated in and out of school.

We have used the South Island Ultranet training and support provider, etime who have an excellent web space with video support.

Ultranet also have a help feature on the bottom of our webpage.

Ongoing professional development

Staff fed back to the group at staff meetings on how and what they were using the Ultranet for. At each staff meeting teachers were encouraged to reset goals to move them onto the next area they wanted to focus on. Lead Teachers attended the Ultranet user group support meeting in Christchurch and visited a school who had Ultranet in place for a number of years. These visits gave us ideas about where we would go next with both our implementation and our visionary thinking.

Parent Meeting

Lead teachers led a Parent meeting where the community was invited to attend. At these two meetings parents were encouraged to see the benifit of the LMS for their children's learning

Keeping the momentum going

Recently lead teachers have meet with the LMS Facilitator electronically (by Skype) rather than having the facilitator travel to our school. This enabled realtime learning and a more directed focus on our immediate needs.

We are developing the use of Uspace which is the online social network part of the LMS. Within uspace we are looking at the portfolio potential for sharing learning with parents.

Staff and Parent feedback on the implementation process


How are we using LMS

Teachers across the school are focussing on the aspect of the LMS that they see being successful for their own class. These include: Blogs, homework, photo galleries, wikis, portfolios, Uspace, communicating with parents, sharing learning between home and school.

Parent Portal

When the intereoperability with the SMS was turned on after 6 months on being in the LMS there were teething problems between the LMS set and the SMS setup. Initially all caregivers including emergency caregivers were given access to students profiles. This was identified immediately before parents were given login information. Parents who had an e-mail address in the SMS had their login information sent to them  and many accessed the LMS prior to information rolling out to them.

Our next step is get assessment data onto the LMS and then the school report.

Summary of key results


 Visit this wiki page and scroll down to the slides indicating LMS Key Benefits and key Contributors to success.