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Auckland Primary Principals Association Breakfast with Theresa Gattung

Wednesday 15 August, 2012

Theresa Gattung spoke of her life, education and the changes that fast developing ICT have brought about. She spoke of students who have adapted to and use many devices throughout the day and yet the way they receive and are expected to give information at schools may be very different to this.


Theresa’s speech was followed by a presentation from Cognition Education and TTS who are combining to offer e2e – end to end e-learning services. This presentation looked at the many factors principals need to consider when developing a cohesive digital strategy within their schools. They referred to the five dimensions of the Ministry of Education’s e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF). This can be found on TKI “enabling e-learning.”


Attended by Jennifer Muth (Head of Y7/8) and Rebekah Pearson (Team Leader)