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Information for exiting clusters 2010 - 2012 cohort

Process for exiting

As per the milestone template, your final milestone 6 report must include the following:


6.1 Liaise with the National Facilitator assigned to this project

This information includes the frequency and type of communication or professional input from your National facilitator.


6.2   Report on your programme implementation during the milestone period and provide an explanation for variation from the planned programme as necessary. 

Report on your programme outputs in this section - those completed and incomplete. 


6.3   Upload to the VLN a succinct reflective summary for one or more of your cluster goals. These online reflections must be underpinned by a framework demonstrating that an evidence based approach informs professional learning and ultimately teacher practice in your cluster.

This is a reflctive summary written for an audience of your peers within the ICT PD community in the VLN. In this exit milestone you may at times reflect over three years of progress rather than just the previous six months.


6.4   Provide a summary of progress towards cluster programme goals that have not been outlined in 6.3

a)     a summary of progress that has been made towards achieving your programme goals

b)     a summary of or links to the supporting evidence for this

c)     the key lessons for the cluster

d)     the next steps towards achieving the cluster goal/s

e)     a list of any emerging issues, risks, or opportunities particularly in relation to service delivery and reporting requirements

In this exit milestone your summary may at times look back over three years of progress rather than just the previous six months.

6.5          Complete an observation of the key lessons learned in the contract including individual commentary from school principals.

Note: This is an overview of the three years. While you should ask all of the cluster principals for input for the key lessons you should summarise their feedback and submit this as the cluster's key lessons. This information will be collated and shared for the benefit of other schools.


6.6          Provide details of the cluster’s contribution to the wider network of schools. This could include:

•    Resources developed, trialled and sharing 
•    Online resource links, urls publications, newsletters
•    Hosting visits from other schools, conference presentations, resource development and mini conferences held. 


6.7          Complete any survey tool as required by the Ministry for the purpose of national programme evaluation.

NOTE: Clusters will not need to complete an exiting survey. Please ignore this section.


6.8          Provide financial statements that detail all the expenditure of the ICT PD contract funds against all cost centres.

Your cluster is expected to submit full details of income and expenditure. The financial records are expected to be itemised - not just totals but a full transaction report. You are expected to have spent your contract funds on the tasks completed between 2010-2012. Provide financial statements that detail all income from the ICT PD Funds received from the Ministry of Education and expenditure against the following four cost areas: 
•    Professional fees
•    Professional costs
•    Operating costs
•    Teacher professional development costs

NOTE: These will need to be approved and signed off by your National Facilitator, prior to sending to the Ministry of Education.

6.9          Provide a disbursement schedule showing expenditure to December 31st 2012; provide an explanation for variation from budget as necessary, and a certificate from the Board or their authoriseddelegate as specified in Financial Reporting clause 2.

The Ministry also requires the lead school to provide a letter or certificate of attestation - that the finances are accurate and in line with contractual expectations. More details about how this might look (mock-up) will be provided by your National Facilitator.


In this milestone, you will be asked to provide an invoice for the final amount spent by the cluster. This will include all spending against the cost areas up to the 31st of December 2012 as per the submitted ledgers. Any unspent funds will remain with the Ministry of Education and any variation on this would need to be negotiated with the Ministry of Education.

Submission of milestone

The milestone report should be drafted in document format (e.g. Microsoft Word, Open Office, Google Docs) by the cluster leadership team for ease of sharing with cluster schools and the national facilitator. Please ensure you provide your National Facilitator with the name of the person responsible for final submission of the exit milestone before Feb 1 2012. We are aware that personnel may change from the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2013.

The draft milestone should then be emailed or shared electronically to the national facilitator assigned to your cluster no later than the 23rd November 2012.

Once approved by the national facilitator you need to do the following:
•    Rename the approved version of the milestone according to the following format:
leadschoolname_contract number_milestone number
e.g. uponhighschool_0700132_M6
•    Create a PDF of the approved version with the same naming format
e.g. uponhighschool_0700132_M6.pdf
(Use of the PDF format means that no further edits can easily be made to the milestone. Word processed documents can be converted to PDF format using Adobe Acrobat or with free distributions such as PrimoPDF. Mac OS allows the creation of PDF’s from the Print Dialogue Box. Google Docs allows you to download the file in PDF format)
•    Email the final version to the following people:

•    An alternative courier address is provided on the milestone template for rare cases where email may not be practicable (e.g. firewall or file size issues). Clusters can courier an electronic version of the milestone report on CD-ROM or Flash memory drive.
If you have not received acknowledgment of the safe delivery of your email within 3 working days please contact the Ministry at ictpd.programme@minedu.govt.nz