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Milestone 6 Template 2012 (exit milestone)

The Milestone 6 template and the expenditure certificate for 2012 exiting clusters can be downloaded below.


The written part of milestone 6 is due to your National Facilitator by November 23 and the completed milstone with financial records is due no later than February 1 2013.

 Milestone Checklist:

  • fill out the written portion of your milestone
  • post your VLN reflective summary/ies and make sure they are publically viewable
  • submit draft milestone to your National Facilitator no later than November 23 2012
  • ensure that your cluster schools and other creditors have submitted all invoices for payment
  • get your finance person to produce your three year ledgers showing the income from the MoE and the four areas of expenditure
  • get your certificate of expenditure signed by your BoT chair or Principal
  • get an invoice drawn up for the balance between what you have already received from the MoE and how much of your cluster funds you have spent.
  • get completed milestone approved by your National Facilitator
  • submit completed approved milestone no later than Feb 1 2013




Please Note that we have uploaded a copy of the old ICT PD Exit survey. This is because two clusters have asked to use it for their own reasons, it is NOT a requirement for exiting clusters in 2012.