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Adobe Connect Help & Troubleshooting

Here are some troubleshooting tips that may help if you are having problems connecting to the Adobe Classrooms:
Firstly go to the Adobe Meeting Test page and ensure everything is installed for running Adobe
Other troubleshooting ideas:
Make sure you have flash installed on your computer
Make sure popup blockers are turned off on your browser
Also clear port 1935 for the adobe url logins eg connect.vln.school.nz
You may need to have your technician work through some to these things with you.
Check if other users (outside your school network) are having the same problem. If so it might be an Adobe server problem & you should contact your Adobe administrator.
You cannot upload Word docs - Adobe doesn't like Microsoft - and it won't tell you this is incompatible while you wonder why you can't get your stuff into the classroom...
Compatible file formats are- ppt, pps, pdf, jpg, png, swf, mp3