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iPad Trial for Teachers

What was important for us?

To develop a trial for mobile wireless devices that would allow us to evaluate their potential in teaching and learning - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vq8Uj2iFsoGOj00uuxSjSLWoDy1E-Dv8-HM-NhS35LA/edit


Why was this important?

It was clear that with the investment we have made in our wireless infrastructure that it was now time to consider what enhancements this could now offer to the way we educated our students.


What did we do?

Our evaluative trial of iPads is based around allowing all teachers at our school to have hands on experience with the device.  We felt it was important to base this around faculties as this would allow ‘cross pollination’ between teachers and sharing of good ideas.


What happened, as a result?

iPads were purchased and synced as a ‘pod’ of devices to ensure that all teachers were able to have a similar experience.

We held “iPad Boot Camps”, which were workshops that introduced teachers to the iPad world - covering these topics...


  • The out of the box experience
  • Navigation
  • Linking to your stuff
  • Privacy - what does it mean on the Internet - 'directed' content
  • iMovie - http://help.apple.com/imovie/ipad/1.2/index.html#
  • Uploading to YouTube
  • Cool Apps
  • Marking the roll remotely
  • Using Numbers

(This is a link to some of the teacher comments so far - https://docs.google.com/document/d/131GIsKBCMFlwTHI-OwmVzk5EDdELfqDQ5H6JSYv8Kyw/edit)


What are our next steps?


Who are we? The MRM ICT PD Cluster comprises Mountainview High School, Roncalli College and Mt Hutt College.

Where: South Canterbury


ICT-PD Cohort: 2010


MRM Cluster

MRM Cluster

ICT PD Cluster of Mt Hutt College, Mountainview High School and Roncalli College