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Academic Counselling

We began our Academic counselling journey in 2011. We were going to trial the concept with our Year 11 students. However, due to the Earthquakes and site sharing this didn't progress as far as we would have liked. There were some conversations between students and teachers but this was about as far as we got.

We therefore started in earnest in 2012. We decided to focus on Year 11 and 12 students. We began with a meeting between the form teacher and the student. The questions were loaded into Kamar in the profile area. Through the student portal, students were able to access these questions and they wrote some answers to these questions prior to the meeting. These answers were then discussed / modified during the meeting with the form tutor.

We also planned an Academic counselling day for the beginning of Term 2. By the time the day happened we had explanded the trial to include all year levels. For the academic counselling day, we closed the school for face-to-face teaching and parents could book an appointment with their child's form tutor at any point between 8.30 am and 8.30 pm. The appointments were for 15 minutes. The parents made the bookings using www.schoolinterviews.co.nz 

For the day we gave the staff a handbook with some guidelines on how to plan the session. We again stored the questions and answers in the profile area of Kamar.

On the conference day we had over 85% of parents turn up, as opposed to about 50% for a regular open evening. The feedback was also amazingly positive. 

The process will continue this term.....more details will follow.

We also gave a presentation at the recent Kamar conference on our Academic Counselling. A copy of this presentation is attached. You can also view the presentations and the handbook by following the link below. The password you will require is kamarconf

Our Academic counselling programme made excellent use of ICT and required training for staff. The staff were trained in how to use the profile area of Kamar, our SMS and how to use papNET our Moodle site, so that they could aid parents and students in how to access the Parental Portal.