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Parkvale One to One Journey

Goal: All

Background and context:
Through 2011, Parkvale staff investigated one to one classrooms. The opportunity for participation was provided to all year 5 and 6 students. The parents were responsible for providing and maintaining the netbook. As more students applied than positions available, a ballot was held. Two classrooms of 28 students each were selected. Two classes trialled google accounts in 2011 and this gave the teachers a run through of the software and any potential issues. Each student had a google account created and a blog to share their learning. Both of these were tied in to the Teacher Dashboard.  Previous VLN report on using Google Docs with students.

Aims and purpose:
To investigate the impact of 1:1 classes on student achievement and motivation with senior students. To see the potential in extending this further through the school.

Method, interventions and actions:

In order to have a base for students to find and download resources from, each teacher created a google site. These learning centres were made to store planning and files. The students are able to click on the corresponding learning area and locate any files, images, sites or instructions that are needed. This saved a lot of data as students were not emailing large files. Through a workshop at Ulearn, Jody was able to learn how to create this google site and from this foundation, they were able to explore and create sites that suit their classes. Room 19.

Each class had a blog that was used to share and present the class learning. Student blogs were also linked in to this site to allow for easy access and to encourage the visitors to view a wide range of blogs. Room 20 update their class site daily and this is another area that students refer to daily to find the appropriate files, images and sites.

The students had a lot of new skills to learn, quickly. The first two weeks of the term was spent focussing heavily on learning these new skills. By putting in the effort to learn these skills early on in the term, we were able to
In order to assess any change in attitude or achievement, it was important to undertake a survey and collect the appropriate assessment data.
Many parents found this to be a big change and it was decided to conduct a parent meeting to address any concerns, explain how our classrooms operate and how the parents could support their child learning in a digital classroom.


The start of two 1:1 classes within the school brought with it necessary changes to school infrastructure. Mark Gifkins, Principal, discusses the infrastructure needed .

 Summary of key results:

Student Voice
Children from the digital classrooms discuss how they have found learning in the digital classroom so far.

Parent voice
"We have found that our daughter enjoys attending school alot more than she ever has done because learning is more enjoyable for her.   She has always found things slightly difficult with learning but the Digital Class has provided the opportunity to make  a big difference with her attitude towards learning at school and our younger daughter can't wait to be in a digital class next year."

"Felicity is now half way through term two, and her computer knowledge has grown 10 fold, she knows her way round a computer, and knows how to solve certain problems.  She is keen to learn and Is always on the computer – whether it be doing work or talking to friends, which still gives her computer knowledge.  She communicates with her Teacher at night and in the weekends (poor Mr M) but all credit goes to him, as he responds and keeps them involved.  Even as a two finger typist, she is very quick – and is using programs I have never heard of."

Jody reflects on her teaching in a Digital Class so far:

After reflecting on the process, a SWOT sheet was made with Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Drawn conclusions and identified any recommendations or next steps:
The introduction of 1:1 classes in our senior school has been a great opportunity for students and staff to explore digital ways of learning and communicating.  Student motivation and enjoyment of their learning has increased both in the classroom and in their homes.  They are keen to carry on their learning outside of school and to share their experiences, thinking and learning with others.  Teachers find it easier to provide purposeful and meaningful feedback to students through google docs and e-mail.

The next steps for us as a school:

  •  Continue collecting assessment information relating to student achievement and any changes in their attitude to learning and school.  
  •  Collect more parent feedback on their experience having their child in a 1:1 class.
  • Begin planning for next year by investigating parent interest in extending the number of 1:1 classes.
  • Explore any infrastructure changes that need to be made to cope with any additional 1:1 classes.