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  • Mary-Anne Murphy


    EDUPLACE http://www.eduplace.com/
    Good resource for ideas. Good for visual learners or for developing thinking skills.

    ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION http://www.primaryschool.com.au/
    List of lessons and activity ideas. Many links are Australian and linked to syllabus documents and outcomes. Some units particularly focus on gifted students.

    MATHS FUN http://www.mathsisfun.com/
    This is a great site full of activities for kids who love maths. Topic areas include polygons, platonic solids, coordinates, logic puzzles and fractions.

    MILLENNIUM KIDS http://www.millenniumkids.com.au/
    This is a site where young people encourage others to be active in the environment. The aim of the site is to develop local, regional and international partnerships which empower young people to explore, identify and address environmental issues through information exchange, networks and on-the-ground action.

    PUZZLES AND GAMES FOR THINKING http://www.brainquest.com/
    A site containing clever puzzles and games for downloading. Use many different thinking strategies.

    QUESTACON http://www.questacon.edu.au/scislands/
    The official site of the Questacon Science and Technology Centre is full of puzzles, games and illusions.

    WEB QUESTS http://webquest.org/
    WebQuests are inquiry-oriented activities in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the internet.

    YOUNG AUTHORS WORKSHOP http://www.planet.eon.net/~bplaroch/indexb.html
    This is a fabulous site for middle years students who love to write. The pages will help children to find online sources for writing ideas, writing tips, interactive writing projects, places to discuss and ask for advice about writing from peers or published writers.

    WORDPLAY http://www.wordplays.com/p/index