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National Goal 4 Reflective Summary 2012

The following is a summary of National Goal 4 for 2011 for the Mantar Cluster (Milestone 5).

National Goal: Family and whanau to actively participate in their child's learning.

Cluster Goal: Investigate, develop and implement ways to involve Family/Whanau in order to actively participate in and celebrate students learning success.

Cluster: Year 3 of Cluster Programme - Primary Cluster Years 0-8

Cluster Type: ICT PD

Context: With the increasing development of E-Learning tools and strategies within the Cluster schools, comes the need to keep whanau and communities informed of school happenings and student reporting through the use of ICTs. Within the Mantar Cluster this has meant the ongoing development of school websites as well as class blogs, wikis, parent portals and facebook pages.


There are three key areas the Cluster identified as areas of development when ensuring meaningful connections are made with whanau and community:

  • Principals will be using professional reading, investigation, BES/enabling e-learning website, Tataiako, Ka Hikitia, Measureabke Gains Framework.
  • Family/whanau participating in learning experiences which will help them to support their children and opportunities to celebrate and share student learning successes.
  • Charter development reflects the commitment to actively inolve family and whanau.

Methods, Interventions and Actions:

Two schools have been using facebook to involve family/whanau in celebrating student learning and to communicate with the community (http://www.facebook.com/pages/St-James-Catholic-School-Palmerston-North/209913949027338,http://www.facebook.com/pages/Somerset-Crescent-School/322927401096969/pg/blog/read/688708/active-family-whanau-involvement). St James' has been established for some time and is frequently visited by parents. Somerset Crescent's is a recent addition and came about from community consultation, requesting this as a way of communicating reminders/updates. It is still being actively promoted and more and more parents are joining up.

All schools use some form of 3-way conferences, incorporating an ICT component into this, to celebrate individual students' learning successes (/pg/blog/read/688017/family-and-whanau-to-actively-participate-in-their-childs-learning).

Two schools have introduced 'Reading Together' which is a programme that directly involves parents being trained in reading to their children. This takes place within the school or community and teachers and parents work together to promote reading and improve student achievement (/pg/blog/read/688708/active-family-whanau-involvement


Somerset Crescent school has introduced 'Cuppa and a Chat' every second Monday. The Fale Whanau is open for parents to come in, have a cup of tea and borrow various reading and mathematics resources that they can take home and use with their children to support home learning (/pg/blog/read/688708/active-family-whanau-involvement). 

At Somerset Crescent the prinicipal has read Tataiako and now plans to use the cultural competencies as part of the staff appraisal system (/pg/blog/read/688706/using-professional-readings). St James' has also used the Enabling E-learning website to support strategic planning (/pg/blog/read/688969/strategic-plan).

St James' Charter includes the development of an e-learning strategic plan, which includes a goal a 'Beyond the Classroom' goal of: "The school community is deliberately engaged in learning focussed discussions through and about the potential of ICTs." The E-learning planning framework has been used to support the development of this plan (/pg/blog/read/688969/strategic-plan). Somerset Crescent has shared their Charter goals with the community and involved them in strategic planning (/pg/blog/read/688697/strategic-planning).

Since the last milestone, the TeKids held a celebration evening to share their learning with parents/whanau and wider community (/pg/blog/read/205368/tekids-celebration-evening).

Summary of Key Results:

  • Some Principals have been using professional readings and integrating them into effective practice.
  • All schools are actively investigating and trialling new ways of engaging family/whanu in learning experiences which will help them to support their children and opportunities to celebrate and share student learning success. A lot of these methods have an ICT component.
  • Schools' Charter development/strategic planning reflects the commitment to actively involve family and whanau.

Next Steps:

  • Principals need to continue to use and implement professional readings such as BES/Enabling E-Learning website, Taiaiako, Ka Hikitia, Measureable Gains Framework.