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Teacher Action Inquiry @ Tauranga Intermediate School


Teachers at Tauranga Intermediate school undertake a Teacher Action Inquiry (TAI) each year. The Inquiry focus for each year is guided by the assessment data from the year before. In 2012, the focus is writing and eLearning. Since the TAI lasts for the whole year, this summary shares the journey of four teachers so far.

The model used is based on an adapted 'Teaching as Inquiry' model. We adapted the model so it was similar to the school's learning model. The TAI is also used as part of the Appraisal process, namely for evidence of teachers:

  • using critical inquiry and problemsolving effectively in their professional practice
View the reflective summary here.



  • Tessa Gray

    Once again Karen, a big thank you to you and your teachers for sharing this cluster story in the VLN. Your teachers have been brave and generous to share details of their journey at this level.

    This story clearly outlines your action inquiry process for teachers where the following has been captured online (Google sites):

    • Who has been taught (individual, group, class, diverse learners) We are...

    • Learning intentions (based on prior data gathering) We were learning to...

    • Intended valued outcomes (what they might look like once achieved) We want to achieve...

    • Planned and delivered interventions (how these were taught effectively) We did...

    • Appropriate technologies/e-learning tools used (how these impacted on the learning) We used...and this resulted in..

    Thank you also for elaborating on this platform in the post to Join the 30 Day Leadership Challenge. Your experiences go a long way to support other community members - understand the potential use of e-learning tools for assessment and reflective practices. Smile