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Saint Peter’s College ICTPD Reflective Summary - Creating exciting online learning environments


Teachers use the Ultranet and other ICT tools to extend opportunities for learning.  Using
Ultranet to create exciting online learning environments for each faculty.


Saint Peter’s College is an urban school situated in Grafton in the heart of Auckland city. There are
approximately 1200 students at the school.  The school is beginning its third year of an ICT contract working with Baradene College. Internet access/use/quality in the Saint Peters College community is high.

Our Aim:

To have a hierarchical system in place where all teachers can view each other’s faculties and pages whilst students only have access to their own pages. Teachers being able to view each others
pages means that ideas can be shared and teachers can get inspiration from each
other and provide ideas to others also.

What We Have Changed?

When Ultranet was first introduced, it was set up initially so that only a few
teachers had access to it. At the end of the first year, every teacher had
access with at least one page set up. The pages were set up for individual
classes. Once teachers had a page set up, the focus was to get it set up for
all classes. 

Teachers created their own pages to allow for content used within their classes as
support material to be available. This was time consuming and every teacher was
having to do this. Exam papers were being uploaded by every teacher and there
was a lot of double handling. In to the third year of Ultranet, we decided to
have a common page for every year level.

We are now at the point where departments such as Mathematics have pages loaded
for years 9 - 12 for both NCEA and Cambridge and have their schemes of work
with supplementary material available for all students. Students can access
past papers and it every teacher is linked to these main pages. Our future
focus in the next few months is to have every teacher building on these
resources available as well as having their homework/unit plans available for
their students to access.  (Please see attachment showing a typical screnshot of a teachers page)

Why Did We Change?

  1. SPC Ultranet saw another change at the beginning of 2012, with Tim O’Connor returning to the States. This also meant new staff were assigned responsibility for the Ultranet (Mike
    Mullin & Margaret Miller). Margaret undertook Ultranet training at Edtech
    in January 2012. This was very inspiring and consequently I undertook to revamp
    the Ultranet at SPC.
  2. Ultranet was underutilised by departments and it was only certain staff pages that were created. There was no ‘buy in’ from the departments across the College and this meant that if individuals left, then their pages and knowledge would go with them.

What Have We Done So Far?

Ultranet PD days have been provided for teachers in-house and have been presented by way
of group sessions ie a group of teachers are given the opportunity to spend a
day creating/updating their pages and help each other and share ideas. This has
proved very successful and fun and hence we have seen a huge uptake in the
whole idea of Ultranet. Some teachers still find it quite a time-consuming
exercise to create their pages but most find it well worth the time spent and
it is heartening to see so many using the various tools available, e.g. Quizzes,
Polls and of course, uploading their homework sheets to Ultranet and promoting
students to submit their work online. (please see a screenshot of the Middle school page in the attachement)

What Has This Achieved?

A range of pages set up for students and parents to access information on Math, Rreligious Studies, Humanities, etc about important dates, units, revision exercises, previous papers to revise.

How Do We Know?

They are loaded onto the Ultranet pages of the Ccollege website which each and every student has access to it. (See the breakdown of users on the attached document. )

 Next Steps:

  1. To increase the use of Ultranet at home by cstudents and encourage them to log on
    more frequently away from school by giving them tasks to complete and discussions to contribute to.
  2. Have all faculties create up to date resources on the Ultranet and use it for
    homework tasks.
  3. Have every lesson on the Ultranet so students can come to each class prepared with
    the notes.

Issues we had:

To create a better use of the system, it was critical that teachers got time out of class to complete the Ultranet pages. Having a whole day just to focus in the faculty pages meant that teachers were
keen to do work on the page and with the whole day available with no distractions, the page could be finished.