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Using Youtube to support musical instrument teaching

Cluster Goals:

  • —Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students.

What have you changed?

New subject to teach. A need to find resources for teaching guitar to find appropriate music for beginning students, learning to transpose music to suitable keys


Why did this need doing?

 Teaching guitar to new group of students finding they were limited in the number of keys/ chords they could play and the number of songs they knew.


What did you learn as you did this?

I found websites that I didn’t know about, I used youtube to develop a better understanding of a wide range of songs


What did it achieve?

I became more confident with a wider range of artists and song titles, students were encouraged to continue practising at home with access to Youtube clips used - "replayability"


How do you know?

Students appreciated the sheet music in a form they could understand and use, and they enjoyed coming to class and learning.


What advice would you give others trying to do this?

Some sheets of music had the odd mistake and needs checking otherwise great.