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Integrating eLearning into teaching practice. I-Connect Milestone 5

Year level - Secondary

 Cluster Type - Traditional ICT PD Cluster

 Context - Cluster progress towards achieving Goal 3

 National Goal

Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students

Cluster Goals

  • Teachers will include an element of e-learning in the planning of and delivery of teaching units.
  • Lessons will offer an opportunity for co-construction of the learning
  • To have every teacher share a goal with a peer that includes a strategy(s) for developing an engaging learning environment.
  • To provide opportunities for teachers to be a participant in a class as an observer learner.


  • To continue to provide opportunities for teachers to meet the above cluster goals.
  • To continue to provide opportunities for teachers to share interesting, exciting and engaging learning.
  • To remind teachers that there is a lot more to eLearning than electronic resources and gadgets


  At all class levels in the secondary school teaching there are many resources, activities and strategies that make learning exciting and engaging for both students and teachers.

What did we do?

What did we learn?

That: Many teachers are very open to:

  • trying new ideas
  • What used to be new is now just a routine part of a techer's repertoire
  • adapting lessons to take advantage of new learning opportunities
  • listening to student opinions can be very revealing and helpful
  • students generally appreciate teacher’s efforts
  • significant teaching is required to successfully integrate applications and ensuring quality learning is taking place
  • reflection is an integral part of teaching
  • observation opportunities are an excellent form of professional development
  • teachers are now quite demanding of applications and "hate clunky"
  • teachers are talking about what they are doing and talking about what teachers are doing
  • Starting to share on the VLN

Next Steps:

  • At this stage of the year the aim is to continue offering professional learning opportunities through all our identified activities.
  • Ensure that the sharing continues
  • To add the focus group workshops

Additional Material