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Using ICT to support collaborative drafting in Literacy

Cluster Goals:

  • —Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students.
  • —Family and whanau to actively participate in their child’s learning.

What have I changed?

I have changed the way I edit children’s writing in the classroom. It is now a more co-operative exercise and involves the whole class supporting the editing and improving of a piece of writing. Previously I worked with one student at a time conferencing their work. Now students type up their pieces of writing. These are saved to a class file. Each piece is later called up on my lap-top with the projector on for shared editing. Each student reads their piece aloud, with editing of surface features and improvements to the content being done with class input.


  • Why did this need doing?

Because too much time was being taken up with me working with one student at a time on their piece of writing, while other students waited for their turn.


  • What did I learn as you did this?

That using technology to support this form of editing is a very powerful tool and that students have a lot more to contribute to their peers writing than what I previously thought.


  • What did it achieve?

Improved writing by students, more collaborative writing. This is also a great way of teaching paragraphing, which has improved considerably in my class (Year 4-5) and of drawing attention to grammatical and spelling errors that the computer has highlighted but the student has not attended to.


  • How do I know?

I have noted an improved quality of writing. Student buy-in is high so long as the class culture is supportive and only 5-6 pieces are edited at a time.

  • What advice would I give others trying to do this?

A positive class culture is essential, so that students are all o.k. with having their work closely scrutinised by their peers.

Just edit a few pieces at a time, do something else and come back to it.


We have been putting some of our pieces on our blog – Twizel Area School Room 4.


  • Anne S

    What a great time-saver and a good way to practise colaborative learning! Well done. I'm keen to give it a try!

  • Hamish Hislop

    Hi MikeA,

    I am looking into a collabroative writing model similar to what you have done. I am wanting to improve student voice along the way as well as feedback from whanau/teacher/peers.

    How have you continued with your writing? Have you continued with this?

  • MikeA

    Hi hamish,

    i uploaded this on behalf of a colleague at Twizel called Sandy nelson who is the Literacy Specialist Teacher there. i have since moved on and am now an RTLB. I am sure Sandy would be delighted to discuss this further with you. her email is sn@twizel.school.nz. drop her a line,

    Regards, mike