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Use of ICT tools, students as self-directed learners.

Cluster Goals:

  • —Students to become successful digital citizens.
  • —Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students.
  • —Family and whanau to actively participate in their child’s learning.

Technology with Year 6

What have I changed?

Encouraged my Year 6 students to become more independent and confident ICT learners/ users by giving them more opportunities during class-time to try new “things” and then train each other, rather than just use computers to publish drafts of written work.

Some skills tried/ learned:

Using a digital camera, uploading photos, putting photos onto our class Blog  [along with entries…text]

Some students have used slideshows to present “projects”.

Inquiry learning…students are learning to seek out and use SPECIFIC information from the internet .

Mathletics is very popular and has helped with contact with family/whanau.

I have used Youtube… during Kapahaka to help teach students Waiata new to them and also as a listening tool during a unit of work eg Social Science.

Using the Data projector in my classroom provides  ongoing  learning opportunities for students and myself.

Why did this need doing?

To enhance and extend their learning, challenge them and “take the pressure off” those who  were less confident/ experienced .ie side-by-side , one-on-one with a peer . Those more experienced students gained confidence as “teachers”. As students learn/upskill, confidence and enthusiasm increases !

What did I learn as I did this?

Through all this I have also gained more confidence to try new “things” and I am learning from my students….because, quite often, they know more than I do! I am able to maintain and develop content on our blog, sharing and communicating with family/whanau. It gives me the opportunity to keep an overview of the learning while I have to worry less about becoming an expert in each tool myself.

They are “switched on”  learners, keen to try new challenges and also teachers eager to share there ideas and skills. Students working as teachers sharing their learning with others is a powerful motivator and they are working at the highest level in the SOLO Taxonomy.


Year 6 Classroom teacher


  • Alan Grant

    Hmmmm - interesting.  I have also been trying to get my students to use ICT platforms as part of my classroom teaching programmes.  There is a fair amount of learning along the way.  Students who have multiple emails can easily get snarled up using online platforms, particularly when they are working collaboratively with something like Prezi.

    Another thing that I have noticed is that students often really have little clue about how to integrate ICT into other skills that they are already familiar with - e.g. speaking to a powerpoint.  Lots of practice required!


    HOD English

  • Stevie D

    Great that both you and your class are learning at your own levels.  ICT is an interesting leveller where students often know as much if not more than their teachers, and are more than keen to be helpful. Great to see you so keen to use this medium. Keep up the blogging...I like the way you are letting the children run it now while you oversee it.Wink