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Setting up an electronic reporting process that records subjects teacher comments as well as current academic progress.

Cluster Goals:

  • —Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students.
  • —Senior Leadership team to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools.

  • What have you changed?

Staff discussed and indentified issues of reporting to parents using the mentoring reports for senior students (Y11-13). The process of three way conferences needed to be changed as it was inefficient.


A paper example was trialled. Staff teaching individual students in particular subjects report on current progress, homework progress, assessment opportunities, action/assistance to support. Mentors give feedback on the pathways needed to enhance learning.


The prototype was useful and led to a format that was then incorporated into the MUSAC software for reporting on students. Links were made with the timetable, Numeracy/Literacy and current credit links.   


  • Why did this need doing?


The discussion with staff was that a more effective link to subjects and current standings were needed. Updating information with submissions to NZQA will then be linked to the student report profile on MUSAC.



  • What did you learn as you did this?


There is a need to critically justify any comment space on the report. What initially appears important to the subject teacher does not necessarily mean a good investment of time and energy by them or mentor.

 The ability to update the report when a mentor or subject revisits the report is keeping the record alive.


  • What did it achieve?


Students are now getting evidence both qualitative and quantitive data. There will be an historical record of material in each year. There has been a record of events in cycles, up to five, in any given year. Deadlines for the cycles are set by staff during the year.


  • How do you know?


Feedback from staff after the first cycle of meetings has been encouraging. Students can now sit with their mentor and look at the standards they are entered for, the results achieved so far and the standards coming up.

Students have access to a hard copy of the information, automatically dated, from the meeting.


  • What advice would you give others trying to do this?


The use of MUSAC software to manage this reporting has the advantage of using the databases available in the programme. The disadvantage is the students can not access the data in MUSAC because of security issues with the software.

I am not sure how to get around this issue as the security for MUSAC. The closed network is important but the restriction of a student’s inability to access appears to be against the concept of information sharing.  

Overall, the system, albeit in its infancy, appears to be a useful tool.


Deputy Principal, Twizel Area School