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Blogging for literacy at Paeroa Central School

Background and Context;

After attending the Learning@School conference blogging workshops, we became enthused
to reinvent our current blogs so that they became an integral part of our class
learning. We liaised with an experienced blogging teacher and our Cluster Facilitator
to communicate the basics of effective blogging.

After reflecting on last year’s initial trial blogs we decided it would be more effective to
work on a whole school approach which would ensure continuity in content,
quality and expectations which are aligned to school goals and practices on a
daily basis within our literacy programme.


Aims and purposes:

Aligned with National Goal 3 and incorporating the use of school-wide available tools of
Mimios, digital cameras and computers. Lead teachers had experimented with the
basic conventions of blogging with their students and on sharing with the rest
of the staff, it was seen as a worthy tool for raising the awareness of good
literacy practices to improve understanding of communication through online
learning within our school and global communities.


Methods, interventions and actions:

Whole school staff professional learning afternoons ensured all staff (no matter where on
the learning continuum) had the necessary skills to implement blogging in class
learning. All teachers are active members of each other’s class blogs to
stimulate interest and motivate others to increase their use in learning.

Currently as part of junior literacy, the blog is used to model examples of good writing,
share class stories, photos, videos of self/peer assessments from inquiry


Summary of key results:

  • Raised student/teacher engagement in blogging
  • Viewing and reflecting on what they have written/said/videoed student voice has hooked
    them into literacy
  • Oral language is improving as they discuss/reflect on their involvement in these
    learning experiences
  • Parents/whanau are engaged and enthusiastic in their children’s learning when visiting
    classrooms (few have access to internet at home)


Drawing conclusions and next steps:

The Junior School has embraced blogging as a positive, inclusive and supportive tool that
is being embedded across all curriculum areas.



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