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Hangatiki School's ICT learning Journey


The biggest shift we have made is our attitude towards the use of ICT for educational purposes, both as a school and as a community.

It was needed in order to make learning more accessible and specific to students needs. We learnt alot about how different programmes can be utulised in the classroom, and how they can make the world more assessible to the individual students. Not only do they comunicate with the schools around them, they can now communicate with students all over the world. 

As a school we now have more e-learning interegrated into authentic learning contexts, we are using google documents, blospot and wikispaces on a daily basis to become more capable and confident users of todays technology. 

Evidence of this is in the presentation above, on blogspot and wikispaces.

My advice to others about to embark of this journey would be to keep and open mind and enjoy  learning from the students as they have alot of knowledge about their technology to impart with others.