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ICT in Performing Arts: Reflection

The Performing Arts faculty uses ICT in various ways and with various purposes:

  • As a teaching tool
  • To reflect on practical work and discussions in class
  • To create presentations and performance
  • To enhance performance for an audience

Some examples

 As a teaching tool

  • Access examples of Commedia dell’Arte and slapstick on You Tube to show year 11 drama in the unit on physical comedy
  • Upload content and discussion questions on Ultranet : senior Media
  • Show examples of short films for Year 10 in their unit on making their own short film
  • Upload exemplars of music assessment work from NCEA website

 To reflect on practical work and in class discussions

  • Video practical performance work in class and then watch as a form of peer and formative assessment
  • Post discussion questions on Ultranet to promote reflection on Media topics
  • Post draft essays on Ultranet for comment by the teacher

 To create presentations and performance

  • Use Audacity to create and record own radio programmes for year 9
  • Use Sibelius and Garageband to compose music
  • Use iPads to create resources for Documentary Theatre performances
  • Use Adobe Premier to edit films for Media Studies
  • Year 11 presented research for drama on Powerpoint

 To enhance performance for an audience

  • Year 13 One Act Plays filmed parts of their plays and used this as a part of the performance for an audience.


  • use phone calender to put in important dates eg rehearsals
  • use iPods to make plays lists for performance or radio stations