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ICT in Junior Health & PE

In Junior Health and Physical Education we use the Ultranet to communicate with our students about the topics covered throughout each unit.  The students can access their PE/Health homepage and from there they can access the folders and files that they need in order to complete their homework or activities to complete to enhance their learning.  

We use power-point as a teaching tool, on a regular basis.  The students also recently had to complete an assignment in the latest Health unit, where they had to research a clip and/or article from the Internet and then complete questions in a power-point format to show their understanding of what bullying is, the affects that it has on the bully and the victim, why it happens how it can be prevented.

Another tool we use is the use of Click-view to support our teaching of particular topics in Health and also the Internet i.e. TVNZ on demand, where we view clips/interviews on current topical events that relate to the topic being taught i.e. we viewed a documentary called ‘Fast Food Baby’ in Year 9 Food and Nutrition to look at the problems children encounter when they cannot decide on what and when they eat and the impact this has on their health and well-being.  The clip allowed us to engage the students with a topic that was interesting, topical and relevant.  We then completed a Y-Chart on what the lifestyle/choices of the family were and the impact that they were having on the Health of the child and then what could be done to change the situation for the better.