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Baradene Religious Studies Department Use of ICT

In our department we are using ICT in various ways. Throughout the year levels we have used Prezi, powerpoint and youtube to show videos and presentations in order to enhance learning.

The ultranet is used so that the students can ask questions of their teachers or send in files or websites that are of interest in order to promote discussion.

To help students who are new to religion, lessons are being put up on the ultranet so that the students parents can support them at home.

We have used the ultranet as a "one stop shop" for all of the resources for our year 13 Jesus the Christ assessment. The resources are placed there for the students to print off and use to prepare for their assessment. Year 13 will also be using the internet for statistics in the ethics and Sects and cults topics that they will study this year.

In year 12, we are developing an assessment that will allow the students to use prezi or other presentation software as a means to display their knowledge of the subject. They will also use Prezi to prepare revision materials for a different internal assessment that the students can present and share with each other.

In year 11, a game is being developed which will help the students learn the order in which the Gospels where written and the process of writing the Gospels. This will be in the form of a sorting activity or a web based game.

In years 9 and 10, the students have been given the opportunity to use the internet to research topics and present them with with various software to the class. Students are also being encouraged to blog about their learning in Religious Education in order to support absent students or parents who want to support their children.

We are also hoping to upload some of our resources onto the faithcentral website which has been set up by the Catholic schools office in order for schools to share resources.