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St Pius X Consultation with Parents

The consultation with parents in the Manaiakalani cluster is extremely important as these are the people who will be monitoring the students when the 1:1 devices are at home.

The consultation evening at St Pius X Catholic School was to allow the parents to share their ideas towards questions about - Safety at Home, what to do with the netbooks at weekends and holidays, what would be the best way to get the netbook home each day and students ownership of the netbook when at home.

The parents shared their ideas about these through a 'bus-stop' rotation of each question.  Their ideas are then analysed to allow the school to come up with the best way to deal with each of these issues that would suit everyone.

The parents were very enthusiastic and proud of their child, with their netbooks.  This was especially displayed when the students shared what they have been doing on their netbooks the last two terms.  The students displayed both motivation and pride of their individual blogs and their Google docs which the parents watched in amazement and asked their child endless questions.  A truly wonderful sight to see.

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