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Getting Started With Goal 4

Year level - Secondary
Cluster Type - Traditional ICT PD Cluster

Context - Cluster progress towards achieving Goal 4

National Goal
Family and whānau to actively participate in their child’s learning

Cluster Goals 

  • To implement Early Notification to improve attendance
  • To extend the opportunities for family and whanau  to engage in student learning
  • To invite the school community to a workshop featuring an ICT/e-Learning initiative.


As well as using the traditional ways of encouraging family and whanau to participate in students learning we are exploring ways of using a range of technologies and applications to facilitate more opportunities for feedback.

The focus has been very much in the commitment stage as we prepare this milestone and evidence will be better seen in the next milestone.


Many students and their families are embracing technologies in ways we had not even envisaged years ago. Teachers are getting more confident in the use of a range of applications that support collaboration at all levels and are ready to give parents more digital access to the sharing.

There is also the desire to give students more opportunities to share their learning.

What did we do?

  • The three schools have implemented Early notification. At this stage we have no concrete data to make a call on the impact this is having on attendance.
  • Teachers Sacred Heart College and Karamu High School have been using Ultranet LMS to support their lessons. Students are sharing their learning through this portal.
  • Sacred Heart College and Karamu High School have signed off on opening the parent portal on their learning Management System (Ultranet). This will extend the opportunities to share in their child’s learning.
  • William Colenso are redesigning their website to cater for more opportunity for community and whanau feedback.
  • Each school is planning their community/workshop events but these have not happened as yet.

What happened?

  • One of the important features of our community sharing is to be based around student voice as an integral part of digital citizenship.
  • Several things have emerged from our Digital Advisers meetings including the students willingness to have an active role in community meetings.
  • Students have also reinforced their appreciation of student management systems and are going to be taking more responsibility for supporting these.
  • Planning is underway for a number of events. These include students at Sacred Heart managing an event that will run parallel to the parent teacher reporting evening at the school. A full report on this will be featured after the event.
  • Our student advisers have been invited to present at several Intermediate schools for both students and parents.

What did we learn?

  • At this stage the main thing we have learned is that there is interest in the community/ whanau sharing in the learning.
  • Cybersafety and social networking understandings are high on the interest lists of the school community.
  • That there is great community interest in the roles of our digital advisers

Next Steps:

  • To hold the events
  • To start the sharing on the parent portals.