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Action Research Ohaupo


Research: Ohaupo Writing 2011



Name Of
: Kerry Adams, Bev Boyes, Linda Clarke and Bruce Mitchell.


Investigation: We are looking into our
current teaching practice in writing. Comparing student perceptions with those
of the teacher. We will identify the changes required in our practice and
pedagogy highlighted from the baseline data. We aim to identify approaches that
will lift the standards of student's' writing.

  • What do teachers do to help/support students
  • Does student understanding of the writing purpose correlate
    with that of the teacher?
  • Can students identify the learning intentions?
  • What IT tools/applications do students use in developing writing
  • Does the perception of teacher use of IT tools/application correlate
    with that of the student?


How are we going to find out what is happening at
  • Gather student voice
  • Analyse unassisted writing samples
  • Gather teacher voice or preceptions
  • Use collaborative approach with other local schools to develop
    moderation protocols (using National Standards and Learning
  • Share and gather feedback to identify targets


Collection of
Base Line Data


Teacher practice data: Gather:
Classroom observations, samples of writing from each class, and Using ATol
procedures to gather teacher voice, feedback and feedforward.

Student Achievement/Learning Data -
hard data from unassisted writing samples levelled using the Nat Standards
and Progressions crtiqued using the moderation protocols we have

Student voice: Interview 4 students (2 girls, 2 boys) from each class.
Questions asked of
What do you think you are
learning in writing
Why do you think you are
learning to write ....(e.g. recount) or use ... (e.g. metaphor)?
How will you know you have
learned to write or use this?
What do you think you need
to do now to get better at this?
How does your teacher help
you to learn this?
What It applications/tools
or equipment do you use to help you write?
Use AToL interview process
and procedures to gain information for action research.


Analyse Data: looking for trends
and patterns with your data.  Reflect on initial question/s and revise where
necessary.  Prioritize needs that may arise from the         data analysis.

Research: Collated internet research. Readings
interviews and discussions with professionals outside

Professional Readings:
seek and select appropriate readings to support and
guide your research


Decided ActionsSet up an
action plan which targets your identified need/purpose. Specific actions decide
after data analysis and reflection.


Implementation: Implement your action plan and reflect on progress using
colleagues and critical friends.  Consider collecting mid point data to support
your research. 


Findings: Document
findings regularly - reflective journals, blogs.   Collect baseline data again.


Collection of End Data by repeating
original data gathering process.



Analyse Data:  
So What?? Now

evidence do you have that what you have been investigating and changing has made
a difference to student learning and achievement?? Looking for trends and
patterns with your data.  Reflect on initial question/s and draw conclusions -
BIG LEARNINGS that everyone can learn from.



  • Jo Wilson

    Hi Kerry & Bev

    Thanks for sharing this reflection on your investigations into student perceptions of their writing as compared to their teachers. I will look forward to hearing about the results of this Action Research project  at the Connected Cluster Kura Hakari day in November. In the meantime I will look forward to discussing the indications of these investigations when I next visit.

    As this reflection is for a national audience can you just do some editing of surface features to ensure consistency of font and spacing

    Kind regards


  • Tessa Gray

    This provides a really useful framework for others to relate to - in terms of 'teaching as inqury'. I also look forward to the outcomes of these investigations. Again, thank you for sharing.